Roshydromet plans to control the weather
during the Olympics in Sochi

01.09.2011 published the news "Roshydromet plans to control weather during the Olympics in Sochi"

20.04.2010 at ITAR-TASS news agency held a press conference by representatives of "Climate Global Control Trading" on "Climate has control become a reality."

QUESTION: At the Olympics in Vancouver had terrible weather conditions. How is it possible to prevent all this on the Sochi Olympics?

Lovyagin A.V.: We are systematically and purposefully change the climate in a given region. I believe that we are the only company in the world that it can guarantee a stable weather situation during the Olympic Games.

Full text of the conference

Roshydromet accommodate technology diffusion clouds to weather conditions of the North Caucasus to control the weather during the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia Natural Resources Ministry said Thursday.

"The specialists Roshydromet task is to adapt the technology to dissipate the cloud field weather conditions of the North Caucasus, to consider and overcome the danger of a possible abrupt change in temperature, typical for the local climate," - said the ministry, whose structure is Roshydromet.

In particular, in 2012-2013 is planned to carry out research work to assess the possibility of using these technologies in the North Caucasus mountains.

"The need for research due to the fact that in the highlands of meteorologists ever," the weather did not do. "District of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 in respect of Meteorology has been studied very little," - the report says.

However, at present, when the region started a comprehensive environmental monitoring system, which includes a network of stationary and mobile stations, it becomes possible for the system of data collection, said the ministry.

Meteorologists also develop proposals for compulsory descent of snow avalanches, and will explore the possibility of using artificial snow.

Active influence on the weather conditions - this is a purposeful change the properties of the cloudy atmosphere in order to enhance or reduce precipitation. The choice of technology depends on the physical effects of the atmosphere in this region: the thickness of clouds, rainfall intensity, the limits of natural variability in weather conditions.