About “Climate Global Control Trading L.L.C.”

Our company “Climate Global Control Trading L.L.C.” offers a unique service with an innovative technology outperforming the standard understanding of the impact on the climate for decades to come, which allows to control the weather, temperature, precipitation, increasing the groundwater level. All this can be done at predetermined area for pre-assigned period of time.

Team research sector, taking part in the project, has evolved over the last thirty years. The basis of the team consists of experts from the USSR, who now live and work in many countries.

The Science and Research Sector of the CGCT consists of 406 high-educated, uniquely experienced professionals. We can involve nearly 3000 specialists from all over the world in the case of need.

The company “Climate Global Control Trading” has developed a unique technology impact on climate processes without using any chemical components.

The purpose of these technologies is a climate change, i.e. reduction of average annual, seasonal, and monthly temperature, precipitation increases in several times. The result of impacts is to establish in a particular region of a given climatic regime for a specific period.

We are the only company in the world that can perform the following tasks on large areas:

- Rise of groundwater level.

- Elimination of factors generating dust storms.

- Changing in average levels of precipitation in a given area.

- Changing maximum and average temperature in a given territory.

- Reduction of groundwater salinity.

- The creation and filling of fresh water reservoirs.

The impact area and a specific time interval is to be determined by the Customer.