Successfully completed our research work in the area of the Gulf

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In agreement of our company and Abu Dhabi, was a task to deposit precipitation in the territory of the UAE in the period of end of May to July of 2015.

Before the start of the work, our company prepared several documents about our steps of solving the task, which we were following during the demonstration work. For example, through our work was formed a cyclone ASHOOBA, which was transferred from the Indian ocean to the coast of Oman, and which brought a huge amount of precipitation to the territory of Gulf and UAE in particular.Through our work temperature in the region was decreased significantly, was increased humidity and other climate conditions became much comfortable. The effect was saved till several weeks, but every day after the end of our work was getting less and less.

Many of independent sources, such as NOAA, PMD and others, confirmed the significant increase of precipitation (up to 800% of normal) in the desired area.

For better understanding of our work we attach some NON-CONFIDENTIAL documents and ready to answer any questions.

Capabilities of our Technology in real time

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Soon! Start of demonstration of the capabilities of our technology in real time!
All interested persons and organizations have to submit a request to us before July, 28 2014 for gaining access to online monitoring of our technology in the period from July, 28 2014 to August, 30 2014

The active phase will be conducted from 28.07.2014 till 30.08.2014

Please, contact us for further information

Placing Regional Climate Centres

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Attention! To announce that applications for participation in the competition for the right to organize Regional Climate Centre in the territories of the member ends 09/01/2014. 
We look forward to our joint success! For the benefit of the World!


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Many thanks for taking your time to visit our stand at Power + Water Middle East 2013 exhibition last week in Abu Dhabi.

We appreciate the interest you have shown in our technology and really hope we have been able to answer your questions.