Cooperation Agribusiness Middle East Exhibition

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Specialists of company "Climate Global Control Trading" appreciate the perspective of the relationship with Agribusiness Middle East Exhibition


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In the south and east of England is declared a drought

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На юго-востоке Англии бушует засуха.

In much of eastern and southern England officially declared state of drought. According to the BBC, this decision was taken by the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) due to the fact that the level of groundwater in these areas is now lower than in the dry 1976 Tie it with a small amount of rain that fell over the past months.

In November 2011 the Company "Climate Global Control Trading" forecast and warned the British government about the extremely unfavorable climate and offered cooperation to prevent the consequences of these changes. Unfortunately the answer to the proposal have not been received.
Meanwhile, the company is "Climate Global Control Trading" does not abandon his own words, and is ready to begin work to remove the effects of drought and restore the necessary level of moisture content on a given territory.

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Completed a preliminary assessment of «Climate Global Control Trading»

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The cost estimate is derived by analyzing the world of global risks. According to the insurance company Swiss Re losses from weather catastrophes in 2011 totaled more than $ 350 billion, but the flood in Thailand insurance giant announced the loss of a $ 600 million.

Rains claimed many lives. However, their effects were not limited to one Thai. Flood were flooded several industrial zones, where there were large factories, among other things the American company Western Digital and Irish Seagate Technology. These companies are the world's largest manufacturers of hard drives for computers, more than 60% of the total world production.

Swiss Re - one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world. It was founded in 1863 in Switzerland.

Climate Global Control Trading took part in the International Forum "Islamic Finance and Investments"

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The Forum was held in Moscow, the second time, gathering various experts and scholars, including the Russian experts. They discussed the latest developments in international and domestic market, to explore opportunities for Islamic finance and investment..

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Roshydromet plans to control the weather during the Olympics in Sochi

Roshydromet accommodate technology diffusion clouds to weather conditions of the North Caucasus to control the weather during the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia Natural Resources Ministry said Thursday.

"The specialists Roshydromet task is to adapt the technology to dissipate the cloud field weather conditions of the North Caucasus, to consider and overcome the danger of a possible abrupt change in temperature, typical for the local climate," - said the ministry, whose structure is Roshydromet.


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Strategy of sales of services

Management of the company "Climate Global Control Trading" adopted a strategy for selling services to the Company:

1. Climate Security System for the project's participants, post-pay Postpayment.

2. Professional liability insurance.

3. Of work in the framework of the UN and UNICEF.

4. Direct sales of weather and climate for private companies. In order to implement international and regional activities in the period. Applications will be accepted no later than 3 months before the event, with the condition of full payment.


Interest of investors

From early July in the press persistently rumored about selling a controlling stake of the Company «Climate Global Control Trading». Head of the Department of Public Relations and Media Lovyagin Alexei has commented the situation: "In reality, there is an interest of large investment groups and private investors in buying shares of the company «CGCT». Now we negotiate with some of them, but there can’t be any question of selling of the controlling stake or whole company.


Comparison of technologies

At this point in the world, there are several technologies that could in any measure affect the climate. At present the company "Climate Global Control Trading" is, without a doubt a leader in the market of services.

One of the main advantages of technology companies "Climate Global Control Trading" is the impact on climate process without using any chemicals or high-impact protection: average temperature change, the change of average rainfall. While other companies require the use of various chemicals and reagents (for example, to create rain.) Our technology - the interaction of natural processes and high-intelligence technologies. It depends on the redistribution of the natural environment and its energy.



Problems with Natural and Climatic specifics are solved!

Climate Global Control Trading” a well-known climate regulation technology developer in February 2011 finished its advancing in preparatory work concentrated on elimination of natural and climatic specifics in countries members of the project in the Arabian Gulf area.

As a part of the treaty on March 1st, 2011 they started the second stage of the project targeted on climatic processes smooth control in the Arabian Gulf area.

Shortly the results showed themselves!

Currently, in countries members of the project, the outmost favorably conditions were established as well as main objective of the development project – natural and climatic specifics were eliminated!

The efficiency of the technology is confirmed!

Press-office "Climate Global Control Trading", Dubai, UAE, 07.05.2011