Global Risks Report 2012

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The Global Risks Report 2012 features risk descriptions and rigorous data analysis covering 50 global risks.

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Climate change plays a crucial role in the emergence of imbalances of food around the world. «Climate Global Control Trading» shares his experience to mitigate these problems and improve food security in 2012 at the annual meeting of World Economic Forum in Davos.

German edition of Der Spiegel December 22, 2006, after an interview with the experts of the company «Climate Global Control Trading» predicted climate catastrophe Australia's largest city, Sydney.

"Der Spiegel", Germany 01.27.2012 "The EU embargo on Iranian oil imports will come into effect only after six months, but Iran's leaders want to respond first, intending to immediately cut off oil supplies to Europe."

The ambassadors of European countries in Moscow (Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, ....) documented informed about the possibilities of the Company «Climate Global Control Trading», which significantly saves on energy.


Flood in Sri Lanka

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"Climate Global Control Trading" has sent a letter of condolence and offer assistance to flood-affected areas to President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Ridzhapakse

Flood in Australia

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In connection with the flooding that occurred in Australia in December 2010, the Company "Climate Global Control Trading" against the Australian Embassy in Moscow sent a letter of condolence and offer of help flood-affected areas, as well as a telephone conversation with the press-service "Climate Global Control Trading " authorized official of the Embassy, during which the company "Climate Global Control Trading" warned repeatedly about the flood that may occur in early January 2011

Cooperation with ALLEN & OVERY

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November 18, 2010 representatives of "Climate Global Control Trading" on the official invitationof the Embassy of Luxembourg in Moscow, attended the presentation of an internationallaw firm "Allen & Overy".

Following the presentation, a meeting between representatives of the company'sClimate Global Control Trading" and "ALLEN & OVERY", during which the company "ALLEN & OVERY" received an offer of cooperation.