Water security in Egypt

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Water security in Egypt is one of the oldest problems, directly affects the agro-industrial complex and as a result, the income of the country's population and budget.

  • Given that the Dam will soon be launched in Ethiopia, the level of filling of the "Blue Nile" will be critical for Egypt, which will affect the economy of the country and every Egyptian.
  • The possible military development of the conflict between the countries will negatively affect the region as a whole.
  • The global consequences of COVID-19 have not yet fully manifested themselves, which means that a recession of the world economy is still possible in the very near future.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned facts, it points to the urgent adoption of measures For climate security in Egypt. The service of our company "Climate Global Control Trading LLC" guarantees Egypt Climate Security and the possibility of further cooperation in creating of "Regional Climate Center" and training local specialists.

In fact, the transfer of Climate security technology will allow Egypt to be completely independent from external influences. The technology allows you to increase the amount of precipitation in specified areas by creating new reservoirs and filling existing ones. This will allow Egypt to increase the acreage and develop agriculture at a new level, and this is the country's food security.

Passion for agricultural projects will lead to the creation of new jobs. As a result, the export of products and replenishment of the country's budget with foreign currency revenue. The use of water resources has a positive impact on the cost of energy resources and will allow Egypt to export to neighboring countries. Regulating climate parameters such as air temperature can reduce electricity consumption in the summer months and improve the quality of life of the population in other seasons.

All the main areas of the country's economy will increase profits and new development if the service of "Climate Global Control Trading LLC" is used : Tourism business, Construction companies, Banking sector, etc.

June 21, 2020
Climate Global Control Trading