The main causes of global warming

The fact that the Earth is getting warmer, is scientifically proven. Yes, and it is pointless to argue with. In the middle latitudes of the Russian Federation soon will forget what constitutes boots , and the area of the Sahara desert is growing by several thousand square meters.
In trying to explain climate change on Earth , scientists are trying to take into account both anthropogenic and natural factors . Most experts agree that the main cause of global warming is the contamination of air, reducing the rainforest, the gradual destruction of the ozone layer, the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases , etc.

Among the major external influences on the Earth's climate scientists are distinguished: volcanic eruptions, changes in the planet's orbit , the greenhouse effect and changes in solar activity. In the end, die rare parrots, cats and other animals.

Strong impact on climate have greenhouse gases. They are able to absorb infrared radiation of land and ocean, preventing the loss of heat from the Earth's surface into space. This quality is characterized by ozone, methane , water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The causes of such warming for decades considered an object of reflection and debate climate scientists. However, most scientists are paying attention to the greenhouse , anthropogenic effects. Over the past two hundred years after the start of production of the revolution in the earth's atmosphere was thrown over a thousand billion tons of carbon dioxide. It should be noted that half of the emissions were presented at the last fifty years. About three -quarters of the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere are the result of extraction and combustion of oil, coal and natural gas.

What consequences can lead the global warming?

One of the results of global warming is melting glaciers. All this leads to an increase in sea levels , the removal of the ecosystem out of balance and an increase in the earth's temperature. At first glance it may not seem very scary. But we must not forget that all this is accompanied by serious consequences, which can be regarded as deadly. So, let's take the most dire consequences of global warming.

1. Floods. Raising the water level in seas and oceans leads to more frequent flooding. The increase for one meter will provide enormous consequences. For example, it is natural "removes" one-fifth of Bangladesh , most of the islands will go down in history. It should be noted that even the highest dam could not withstand a flood. Thus, the impressive part of the coastline will be lost. In addition, the increase in temperature ensures intense evaporation of water, so showers will become more frequent.

2. The spread of disease. The habitat of certain dangerous animals and insects become hotter, and the climate of the northern states - mild and warm, perfectly suited to their normal existence. Accordingly, the insects will head north, carrying numerous diseases, which can themselves become infected. Such an effect can not be stopped.

3. Drought. To date, drinking water can be called a luxury in some parts of Africa. However, the worst is yet to come. From climate change, the continent will suffer the most. The lack or total absence of fresh water can potentially create serious conflicts and hostilities. Around the world will begin to disappear small lakes and rivers. And it will be a real disaster for many living organisms that inhabit them.