Technology for the regulation of climatic processes on large areas.

The offer is valid exclusively for the government


Research works


Carrying our research works with the aim of creating a unique service under climatic features of the area.

Unique softwarе


Our experts will install a unique software on your equipment. Each software is tailored to specific needs of the customer, taking into account its needs

Unique complex of equipment


The unique complex of equipment for the regulation of climatic processes is supplied to the individual requirements of the customer

Training of specialists


We will train your employees to independently work on a whole complex of supplied equipment

Technology capabilities


Technology can provide the regulation of the following climatic processes:

  • rise of groundwater level
  • elimination of factors generating dust storms
  • changing in average levels of precipitation
  • changing maximum and average temperature
  • reduction of groundwater salinity
  • creation and filling of fresh water reservoirs

Service maintenance


For all equipment is distributed free service (technical) maintenance

The impact zone


The zone of active impact to the unique technology is not limited by the technical capability of the equipment and negotiated individually with the customer

Additional service


We are also ready to provide additional services to the individual requirements of the customer

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