Climate Security Strategy

2020 will be a testing year for the global economy. The old business process model no longer works. The main players in the market are companies in the field of healthcare, agriculture and Water security.

Climate Security of countries is now a new indicator of the reliability and stability of States.

The old Bank reliability ratings and credit ratings of countries around the world no longer guarantee the stability and protection of investments for investors.

The problem is that the old world consumed resources without burdening itself with issues of climate and environmental security. Super profits satisfied all developed countries and no one wanted to think about the near future in the field of Climate security of the world, but the time has come and now there is no choice left. The solution, as all genius is simple and Important! We take into account the interests of all participants in the New global Climate Security market.

The calculation of the cost of the tripod is determined by the cost of water resources and the service of Climate Security technology. The price policy will be based on the overall global Climate Security situation, taking into account the consumption of basic resources. (Water as the main basic resource).

The existing markets and instruments currently traded on them (weather futures and forward contracts for CO2) do not meet the conditions of the New global Climate Security market and do not have the support and technology to regulate climate processes.

A new generation of financial instruments should be provided with services, goods, and technology.

Climate CRON meets the above conditions.

The introduction of Climate CRON and the formation of a single global market for Climate Security will guarantee the security and stability of the entire world and the development of humanity.

Taking into account the situation in the world, our companies have made a strategic decision to launch a financial instrument exclusively for private investors.

New Financial Instrument

We present you our new financial instrument Climate mCRON
provided by climate security service from the company “Climate Global Control Trading LLC”.

Calculation of the cost of Climate mCRON:

1 Climate CRON = 1 km2 of climate services

1 Climate mCRON = 1000 m2 of climate services

1 Climate CRON = 1000 Climate mCRON


The cost for today, April 16, 2020, 1 Climate CRON = 11000$, respectively 1 Climate mCRON =11$.