Description of the technology

In arabic "Imagine a fairy-tale of Nils with his tales of the Wild Geese by Selma Lagerlof. Remember to tune, quiet sounds that increase in the lake swarms of rodents? This happens not only in a fairy tale. In developing the atmospheric processes, too, there are "weaknesses" are working on relatively low energies (of course, the sounds of pipes), we can achieve a change in the parameters of the process. Including, of course, and direction. The most important thing - to know these "impact points", the position of which varies with the development process.

In his article, "to command the hurricanes," Ross Hoffman (Ross N. Hoffman) - a leading expert and vice president of the Massachusetts company, "Studies of the atmosphere and the environment" (AER), describes similar experiments carried out to order NASA. The conclusion that makes a scientist, a very revealing: "Who knows, maybe after 10-20 years, many countries will become our regular customers at the establishment of national centers of large-scale climate control in their territory with our technology."

Thus, the results of the company's "Climate Global Clontrol Trading", even by our competitors, are not something impossible. We just managed to outrun them, and, judging from the information we have, significant. Already, our technology allows you to create distributed low-energy electrostatic and electromagnetic fields controlled, and realize that the transfer of air masses in the region.

The average area of the region, the impact of which is guaranteed by our experts, is 10,000 square kilometers. On one of these works, whose results, in agreement with the customer, we reserve the right to disclose, please read the enclosed material.