Features of our technology for the UAE

Long-term use of our technology will allow you to create the required number of oases with natural irrigation in the entire Arab Emirates, that will lead to an increase in the oxygen content. This will qualitatively improve the lives of its citizens and the guests that will affect life expectancy.

Also the company's technology allows to reduce summer maximum temperature to a comfortable level.

Application of technology can reduce the maximum load on the electricity & water consumption on 15%- 20%.

Important to consider that the technology allows to significantly reduce emissions CO2.

If «Climate Global Control Trading» starts working in February-March, this allows to achieve the best results in the summer season.

Technology "Climate Global Control Trading L. L. C.", allows you to create or fill a natural reservoir (water tank) by deposition of the desired amount of rainfall in a particular region of a given climatic regime at a certain time, thereby significantly reducing the cost of fresh water for the consumer.

The positive effect of this technology is not only a direct economic profit as a component, as well as a number of important factors, one of which is the solution of water and food security, but also to bring the UAE to a leading position in the region in the agriculture and a favorable political situation 

The further creation of water reservoirs solves the problem of water resources in the Gulf region as a whole and gives a new round of development of the UAE on the world stage.

Our technology:

  • Doesn't apply any chemical components
  • Is totally environmental friendly
  • Is harmless for humans
  • Is power-saving

As the result of the application of technology financial savings can be more than billions of dirhams.