Accumulated rainfall beyond 'normal'

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Dubai: The UAE on Wednesday saw one of the highest rainfalls it has had in recent years, with a day’s rain in Al Shuwaib equivalent to more than 50 times the average rain the country gets every March over the past decade.

Hours of heavy thunderstorms and torrential rains on Monday, Tuesday, and especially Wednesday, that saw many parts of the country reeling in floodwaters.

Heavy rain swamps wide swathes of Dubai on Wednesday

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Dubai: Heavy rain swamped wide swathes of Dubai on Wednesday, wreaking havoc for anyone caught on foot or in their cars in the storm.

The deluge of steady precipitation yesterday in Dubai flooded low-lying sections of slip roads, roundabouts and residential streets.

Rain, thunderstorms to continue on Thursday in some parts of UAE

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Dubai: Unstable weather and thunderstorms are likely to continue on Thursday in several parts of the country due to a low pressure area before it gives way to sunny skies this weekend, the Met Office said on Wednesday.

“Weather will remain unstable during daytime, the amount of clouds will increase over scattered areas, accompanied by thunder and towering clouds, especially over the northern and eastern areas, with a chance of scattered rain with different intensity,” according to a weather alert from the UAE Met Office. With the instability in weather conditions, it is difficult to predict where the thunderclouds would be but all residents are advised to be cautious.

Rain wreaks havoc across Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi: A massive thunderstorm that hit the capital on Wednesday caused widespread property damage, throwing life out of gear in several parts of the city. There was no official word on deaths or injuries.

Flying debris from construction sites, broken windows in high-rise offices and hotel towers and uprooted trees and road signs were reported by residents, most of whom stayed indoors to avoid the havoc.