Rain in Abu Dhabi provokes mixed reaction

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Abu Dhabi: Scattered rain once again fell in the capital on Sunday, after an unusually wet weekend. Even when the sun came out for a short while in the morning, it was not enough to dry the wet roads. Omar Albinni, a 29-year-old oilfield executive from Palestine, told Gulf News he was loving the weather.

“It doesn’t feel like I’m in UAE. The rain is so light and enjoyable that we are able to continue with our daily activities as usual,” Albinni said.

“The only issue is that people don’t tend to drive very safely on the roads in such weather, and don’t really make proper use of their windshield wipers,” he added.

Other residents said they were enjoying the fishing, and felt it was a waste of time to be at work during the day.

Duangphorn Saenthaweesuk, 31, a yoga teacher from Thailand, however had a different opinion. “I am actually waiting for summer to begin. People seem to be somewhat depressed in these wet conditions, and don’t really show up for their lessons,” she said.

Saenthaweesuk added that she was also wondering everyday if she should wash her car. “The weather is in a transitional mode, so even if I wash it one day, it gets dirty soon after,” she added.