UAE weather: Heavy rain, thunder and lightning on the way

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Heavy rain, thunder and lightning could be on the way over the next week, forecasters have warned.

Clouds will begin building on Saturday, especially over the west and east, bringing a chance of rain. They will continue to gather on Sunday, moving over southern and eastern parts of the country, leading to further showers, especially in the afternoon and evening.

However, the worst of the weather will take place from Monday to Wednesday.

Clouds will increase, especially inland, over Al Ain, in eastern areas and extending to the coast at times, bringing rainfall “of different intensities” with lightning and thunder at times.

Forecasters have warned people to be careful driving in rain, at times of reduced visibility and amid dust and sandstorms.

“It is advised to stay away from valleys and areas of flash flooding,” said a statement issued by the National Centre for Meteorology.

People should also avoid the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea, which will both be rough at times between Saturday and Wednesday, it added.

The weather on Thursday is expected to be sunny and partly cloudy at times, with light to moderate winds, which will kick up dust at times over exposed areas inland. Temperatures will reach up to 39°C on the coast and 42°C inland. Humidity will be high, reaching 80 per cent on the coast and 70 per cent inland. The picture will be similar on Friday.