Comparison of technologies

At this point in the world, there are several technologies that could in any measure affect the climate. At present the company "Climate Global Clontrol Trading" is, without a doubt a leader in the market of services.

One of the main advantages of technology companies "Climate Global Clontrol Trading" is the impact on climate process without using any chemicals or high-impact protection: average temperature change, the change of average rainfall. While other companies require the use of various chemicals and reagents (for example, to create rain.) Our technology - the interaction of natural processes and high-intelligence technologies. It depends on the redistribution of the natural environment and its energy.

We are constantly developing: in our capabilities, in addition to the foregoing, includes deposition of dust storms, which means we are able to eliminate not only the dust storm, but also its consequences. As for power, for carrying out the work using the latest equipment with power consumption of slightly more than one kilowatt. Local impacts on rainfall for precipitation in a given area is weak electromagnetic pulses, and a specific range of frequencies. Antenna radiator "work" to a height of 10-20 kilometers.

Comparing the costs of various technologies, "Climate Global Clontrol Trading" Again, not competitive: only about 30 million euros for the installation and maintenance area for 5 years. That is, the introduction of minimum tax on people living in dry region: 1-10 dollars a year, can solve any climate problems. Unlike other companies offering 25-30 million euros to buy expensive equipment and pay an additional 3-5 million euros annually.