In a week in Moscow can sharply become cold

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Weather forecasters predict weather improvement in Moscow since Wednesday, on August, 11th. In capital the cold atmospheric front with long-awaited rains, and also thunder-storms and a wind is expected. By the end of August, according to meteorologists, the temperature in a megacity and at all can fall to 11 degrees.

Abnormal heat which keeps more month in capital, can start to fall down next Wednesday - on August, 11th. The same day weather forecasters expect improvement of ecological conditions in a city - atmosphere in capital, at last, will be cleared of a smoke and harmful impurity.

however till Wednesday weather in Moscow will be same heavy, as well as last week. On Monday and Tuesday - on August, 9th and 10, the temperature in capital will make 36–38 degrees. At Night - about 20 degrees. It is not necessary to expect these two days and improvements of a situation with smoke blanketing in a city.


Changing of the guard on ЕТР

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On Friday reins of government weather on ЕТР will pass from one anticyclone to another. The new conductor of weather is the kernel азорского an anticyclone which will be displaced along the Arctic coast of Russia. Under its influence in Northwest district weather is stabilized, an intermittent rain will pass only in places, and the big contrasts of temperature will be observed.
If in НАО with norths will become cold to 13 … 18 °, in Komi – to 15 … 20 ° in Murmansk area, on the contrary, southwest winds will raise temperature to 18 … 23 °. Non-Black Earth Region will appear on southern periphery of an anticyclone in not hot air weight. At small probability local and an intermittent rain norths will prevent warming up above 28 … 33 °. In Chernozem region and southern areas of Privolzhsky district dry hot weather, with temperature 33 … 38 ° will remain. On pair degrees жарче will show thermometers in Southern district and in the North Caucasus.


The Thunder-storm has brought a cold snap, but the heat will return to Moscow

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The thunder-storm which has Passed by night and a strong downpour have brought a long-awaited cold snap to Moscow. However weather forecasters warn: the heat still will return today.

Air Temperature in capital in the afternoon, on August, 13th, will make plus of 31 degree. As informs hydrometeorological center of Russia, variable overcast, without any precipitations, a wind east, 1 km/s today is expected. Atmospheric pressure - 755 mm of a mercury column. On the night of August, 14th the temperature in a city will make plus of 17 degrees.

During week-end the heat will start to fall down. On August, 14th in capital variable overcast will remain, deposits it is not expected, a wind east, weak. In the afternoon air temperature will make plus of 30 degrees, on the night of August, 15th - plus of 17 degrees.

However, despite a thunder-storm and a wind, today in capital the ashes light smell again is felt. According to weather forecasters, smog occurrence in a city is connected with a light breeze which can't disseminate burning products.

By estimations of weather forecasters, next week the temperature in the Central Russia is stabilized at level of 20-27 degrees. Since August, 17th the anticyclone because of which the heat was established, will start to collapse.

$15 000 000 000 Russia has lost on fires

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Losses which the economy of the Russian Federation hardly more than for month of an abnormal heat and the fires provoked by it, at a rough guess has incurred analysts, can cost 1 % of growth of gross national product in 2010: in money terms it about $15 billion Is a question only of direct costs and short-term consequences for economy — more serious consequences for economy from environment destruction in Russia while nobody considers.