Find solutions to climate change, energy crisis

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Citing global problems of climate change, energy crisis and deadly diseases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asked Indian students to take up the challenge of finding solutions to these through innovation and research instead of merely doing “cut-paste” work.

Addressing the convocation ceremony of the Benares Hindu University (BHU) here, he asked students to “keep the mind receptive and eager to fresh knowledge” even after their formal education was complete.

Climate change politics is blinding us to the devastating effects of dirty air

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It is the greatest environmental hazard of the age. Nothing focuses our concern for the future more, divides rich and poor, exercises science, business, politicians, old and young. It is an existential threat, a generational battle. All political and financial resources must be concentrated on stopping climate change.

But now that governments have signed up to the unambitious Paris climate agreement and pledged to try to limit greenhouse gas emissions, we must ask whether we have lost sight of everything else. Is the environment just about carbon and parts per million of gases in the atmosphere? What about the environment that we can smell, see and touch today?

Climate change will lead to deformed and virus-hit coral reefs

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Coral will become deformed and increasingly fall victim to outbreaks of herpes-like viruses as humans continue to pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, according to two new studies.

Combined, the two effects suggest coral reefs will have trouble recovering from bleaching events, like the the world is currently experiencing.

Tokyo skyscraper will be twice as tall as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

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Move over, Burj Khalifa, a taller skyscraper is coming! Japan is reportedly planning a futuristic megacity that has at its focal point a building twice as tall as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Located in Tokyo Bay, an inlet southeast of the city, the development — dubbed Next Tokyo 2045 — if approved would emerge as a mini city designed to combat climate change.