The project "Kerman" (2007)

To demonstrate our abilities to change climate control according to the article 1 of contract of May 31, 2007, we were to provide precipitation amount minimum twice exceeding the average for the past five years monthly level and not less than 30 mm. in the Homuni Jazmorian area over a period of two months. The demonstration area was 100X100 km, was situated in the western part of valley between ridges of mountains, Makran and Kuhrud, and was bordered by foothill of Kuhrud to the West, by a dry lake to the East and by the new road to Iranshahr to the North.

The nearest to the demonstration area meteorological station, constantly monitoring the weather, was situated in KAHNOUJ. According to the archival data of this station, average monthly precipitation level for the preceding five years came up to 0.7 mm., according to the records of the 1989-2005 years period, it came up to 2.9 mm. In our operation, we could only base on this data, because there was no other information. Current meteorological data from that station was not available for us.

As reported Mohammad Abad Koteki station from HALIAB CO, which is situated nearly in the center of the demonstration area (longitude of 58-36E, latitude of 27-49N), on the 24th of July the precipitation amount was 23 mm, on the 26th - 13 mm. The amount that had never been registered in June. The average monthly level was over 50 times exceeded. Besides, as a result of the operation, the weather conditions over the whole region had changed. Thus, the precipitation amount in June in Iranshahr came up to 64% of the yearly precipitation rate and the precipitation amount in July was over 30 times exceeded.

Similar weather anomalies were registered over the whole region. The anomalies were caused by only moisture alone, which we had transferred from the Pacific Ocean. In addition, it is necessary to point out that we had discharged the bulk of water into the Arabian Sea, which can be clearly illustrated by the data of Goddard Space Center. The picture demonstrates the weekly precipitations accumulated over the period from 21st till 27th of June and you can clearly trace the channel route we created.

In broad terms, the demonstration required rather dramatic change of weather situation, which inevitably caused adverse events. Including anomalous tropical cyclone 03B, that appeared during the moisture transfer process. The track of the cyclone crossed the channel route we created. Over the past days, we successfully averted the cyclone from Iran.

Providing of single precipitation in Kerman province and favorable weather in Teheran is only demonstration of our real abilities. The fact is that almost every scientist in the world relies on the existing in the world traditional system. While our technologies are radically new and we are able to put them into practice. This is the only reason why we can offer the demonstration of our abilities. Only a pre-planned demonstration can convince that we are able to do what we are speaking of.

Our primary offer is not a single climate impact. The essence of our offer is systematic climate change control in the specified region, but not just current weather change. The change that within several years will result in smooth, free from any cataclysms, decrease of summer temperature to the comfort level, for instance, and in stable increase of precipitation level in many times. This requires a long systematic targeted work in close collaboration with your specialists. This work is the aim of the contract, we offer you to conclude with us.

The transformation of the average monthly precipitation level by 50 times in the region of demonstration required the quick formation of the required weather and climate conditions. The tropical cyclone 03B was used by us as the main source of precipitation and energy for transferring the precipitation to the region of demonstration. The movement of the tropical cyclone 03B was in accordance with the route we created by means of the channel and pressure of the south-west winds which we are constantly moving for transferring humid air masses from the equatorial region where the cyclones are formed. We executed the atypical transfer of the tropical cyclone 03B over the Hindustan peninsula to the Arabian Sea for minimizing the loss of the cyclone’s humidity and energy.

The option to transfer by means of the heat and water resources of the Arabian Sea and the surrounding regions without changing the height of the airstream (atypical transfer) The main part of precipitation occurs on the south coast of Iran and in mountain regions which hinder the precipitation from reaching the Homuni Jazmorian Valley.


An example of the frontal changes of the climatic conditions in east Iran


An example of the possible results of working in test mode for 6 to 8 months

Peak temperature may be changed to become 1.5 to 2 times higher The location of the region where the test mode is applied, its dimensions and the parameters for changing the climatic conditions shall be determined upon agreement.

Torrential Rain in China Image Location